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SWBF2 eSports Tournament - 3on3 Tournament
« on: January 28, 2015, 09:44:09 pm »
{U.E.F} SWBF2 eSports Tournament - 3on3 Tournament

TS3 Server For The Tournament:
The tournament TS3 server is optional to be used.


Top Kills Prizes
1st - SWBF2 GS
2nd -SWBF2 GS
February 27th is when the {U.E.F} SWBF2 eSports Tournament begins! Registration is open from now until February 21st, so there is at least one month to practice for it. It could last anywhere from 3 days as max, depending on how many teams sign up. This tourney is much more balanced than any previous tourney, and is hosted on GameMaster instead of Tunngle or GameRanger.

The Double Elimination System has been abandoned and instead the Swiss Bracket System will be utilized, which means everyone gets to play until the tournament ends since nobody gets eliminated. See these links for a more detailed explanation:

Tournament Mods
- Radar is automatically enabled by default for everyone. It can be manually disabled if the player so chooses, or download a full range radar.
- 1.3 Skins are allowed unless I see that sniper unit has crosshair.
- Map reskins are completely allowed (such as my frozen jabba's palace)
- Slow autoheal enabled (1% recover every 3 secs)
- Capture The Flag only allowed.
- 15 second respawn timer
- 2 second spawn protection
- Server is hosted using /noaim and 40FPS.
- Main Server is hosted in Germany by Anyder/ACE. No other server will be used.
(post other mod suggestions for more balance)

Tournament Rules
- 4 rounds will be played, just like in any other funwar.
- The server password will change everyday and should only be known to participants. Admins will tell players the new password through TS/Xfire.
- All battles take place on CTF maps without tanks. It will be 15 mins for 3 flags.
- Endgame screenshots must be taken by at least one player/spectator or the match is considered void and must be replayed.
- For each match at least two screenshots should be taken. The endstats and another one using sniper.  If an ingame admin requests extra pics, the participant will have to take them and show them after the match. All screenshots are mandatory.
- Sides are chosen by the tournament randomizer to prevent player disputes. The player with top slot in the bracket spawns on Rebels/Republic. The player name in the bottom bracket slot spawns on Empire/CSI Side.
- At least one Admin or approved Spectator who knows the rules should be present at every battle. If this is not possible, it is the players' responsibility to make sure all four screenshots are taken at the end of match.
- Spectators must be approved by Admins, and are not allowed to interfere with the match at all. Specs who interfere with the battles could get banned and/or disqualified.
- Only 2 spectators or admins may be present at once and must camp in the designated glitch area at all times.
- Priority for the 2 player slots goes in this order: Admin > Filming Spectator > Non-Filming Spectator
- A buffer round must always be played first so that the server session is fresh, under 250 seconds mission time. (This is only known by Anyder since he's the only one who knows how to mod common.lvl lua). The buffer round is only 3 reinforcements and should not be ended until both players are ready to fight. After the buffer ends, players will wait until warmup time ends, which are 10 seconds.
- Players who disconnect from the server during an official match have up to 5 minutes to rejoin or it will be considered a loss for them (they won't be substituted). The only exception to this would be if there was 'weather-related power loss' which must be verified by an admin using IP tracer and weather radar service.
- Players may not fight matches in advance for the next week's round unless they have explicit permission from the Admins. 

Match Settings
- All tourney matches will be played on one weekend (starting from friday at 6pm Berlin time). All players have a
- Furthermore, if the tournament is at least 4 days long then the battles of the 4th day will be postponed to the next weekend.
- All pics taken must be uploaded once match finishes to the TS or any other website.
- Players who are unable to fight their opponent within an hour of the scheduled round automatically forfeit the match.
- Players are allowed to miss up to 2 battles total before being dropped from the tournament.
- Players who missed the registration deadline may not join the tournament unless someone else is dropped. In this case, their scores will be reset.

Scheduling Battles
Players should communicate with their opponent on either TS or Xfire to work out an agreed battle. (Maps which are gonna be played). If your schedule is not very flexible, please make this known in advance bytelling an admin your available times to play here. Do not sign up for this tournament if you can't commit to at least two matches per day.

Rounds Schedule
The number of total rounds will be determined by how many players sign up before the February 21st Registration Deadline:
6-7 players = 3 rounds
8-9 players = 4 rounds
10-11 players = 5 rounds
12-13 players = 6 rounds
14-15 players = 7 rounds
16-17 players = 8 rounds
18-19 players = 9 rounds
20+ players = 10 rounds
An additional match might be needed to determine the top 2 from the top 4.

ELO Leaderboards
After the tournament ends an ELO score will be calculated based on total kill-death-ratio statistics for every participant. Total kills will be added up and divided into a scaling ELO algorothim which will approximate the relative score comparisons for each player. A perfect score will result in 2700 ELO.[/b]

Q - Why can't headshots be used to calculate ELO rankings?
A - Because for rounds where there is an odd number of players, one player has to sit out (one sit-out max per participant). This player will recieve a free 25 kill points but no headshot points. The same rule applies to someone who wins because their opponent didn't show. So the headshot total score is not factored into the final ELO rankings, and only first place for headshots will recieve an award.
Also, there might be instances where players forget to take screenshots of the headshot count. They will not receive HS points in this case, only kill points.

Q - What calculations are used for the ELO formula?
A - These will be posted later after the tournament ends. The K-factors will have to be scaled for brackets, and adjusted based on the number of rounds, so it can't be posted yet anyway.
There will be total kills added up for the entire tournament and divided into an ELO algorithm which will be determined after the number of participants, rounds, and final deathmatch rounds is determined.

Q - So every kill point helps improve your overall score, regardless of whether you win or lose the match?
A - Yes

Q - A - It should be noted these use dynamic-based ELO calculations, different from the DTC ELO calculations which are static-based. The ELO Leaderboards are average scores over time, and the tourney leaderboards are peak performance scores for this tournament.

Tournament Admins
Lead Admin/Host: Anyder
Co-Admins: ACE
Approved Spectators/Filmers:

Number Of Participants teams: 1
Registration Roster
  • Unleashed Elemental Forces# Team Alpha

Please post any comments or questions you have in this thread.
Post here to sign up or message Anyder!

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